Patient Reviews

"I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell you how fabulous Dr. Sean Kennedy and his staff are. I am a traditional wimp when it comes to seeing a dentist and have never been treated better or more kindly. Not only is Dr. Kennedy great but his assistant Angela and receptionist Laurel are outstanding. This is a professional, on time, warm and friendly group. Thanks."
Debbi, Gentle Dental Kansas

"I just had gum surgery done by Dr. Grant, and I must say she is an excellent surgeon. She is very caring, considerate, and does a very professional job. She also was responsive to my needs, and answered my questions in a manner which made me feel very assured and relaxed. Thanks for making available such a good doctor on your staff. Bravo Gentle Dental!"
Robert, Gentle Dental Downtown Portland

"Thank you so much for literally bringing a new smile to my face. I feel that Dr. Green went above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible. While in his care, I felt that I was in truly professional hands and I am positive that I wouldn’t have received better care and results elsewhere."
Heidi, Gentle Dental Ina Road

"I am immensely grateful to Dr. Buddula and his assistant Kelly who did an absolutely amazing job with my much needed gum graft. I had put this operation off for over a decade and finally plucked up the courage this year to undergo this horrendous sounding procedure...just 1 1/2 weeks after having the operation I felt like it had never happened! Thank you so much for making this much dreaded procedure seem like a walk in the park."
Silvana, Gentle Dental Redmond

"Dr. Michel was the best!!! She treated me with so much respect, even as the tears rolled down my face because of the fear of the pain I have had with other dentists. Dr. Michel kept reassuring me and talking to me to calm my fear. I had to have an extra large rooted molar removed and she had very gentle hands, for once, I was not afraid and barely felt it come out once it was out.

If you have fearful thoughts about going to the dentist, I would highly recommend this dentist for your needs. She has the "Gentle Touch" that will not hurt you or your pride."
Bree, Dedicated Dental Panama

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